The Island Kitchen

The Island Kitchen
The Island Kitchen

The kitchen, which is the heart of the house, is one of the most spent areas during the day. Therefore, it stands out with its functional design as well as an aesthetic kitchen decoration. The island kitchen stands out in the kitchens with its unique style and adds aesthetics to your kitchen. We have explained below what is The Island Kitchen and how you should apply it to your kitchen.

What Is The Island Kitchen

The Island Kitchen, kitchen, and living room are used together, and the kitchen is not covered with walls. While providing convenience in usage areas such as cooking, it gives an aesthetic appearance by separating the spaces from each other.

The Island Kitchen How To Be

There are different criteria in the application of the island kitchen, which stands out in the kitchen decoration. When applying to large kitchens, it can be preferred for small but long kitchens. When applying it to your kitchen, you should pay attention to the following issues:

  1. Position: In particular, in kitchens with a small square meter, each area must be evaluated correctly. You should determine the opening direction of the lids for the storage of the products you will use in the island kitchen.
  2. Material: You can choose the island kitchen, which you will make for kitchen decoration, as fixed or mobile. What purpose you will use the island kitchen is significant in the selection of materials. You can also use it to expand the bench area or as a service area, dining table. There are many options available for kitchen countertops. If you prefer durable marble, you need to pay attention to its maintenance. Maintenance-free and rust-free steel can be another alternative. You can also choose from materials such as granite, durable quartz, or soapstone.
  3. Circulation: When determining whether the island kitchen is suitable for your kitchen decoration, the distribution of your kitchen is crucial. Entrance and exit should not be blocked from the kitchen door, and cabinet doors should be able to be opened without colliding with the door. You should take care that there is enough width in the kitchen corridor. When positioning the kitchen island, you can do the correct positioning by answering questions such as how many people will be served and the number of people in the kitchen.
  4. Reason For Use: Is it a sitting area? Is it a dining area? Your usage preference may determine the island kitchen application to be more accurate. By choosing low back bar chairs, you can hide the chairs under the counter and gain more space for movement.

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