Poinsettia Care: Pot Change, Pruning, Watering


If you are preparing to set up a vibrant flower garden in your home, balcony, or terrace, or if you are looking for a colorful and new member among the plants you have already grown, you can choose Poinsettia.

This extraordinary plant, also known as the Christmas Flower in the world, with its Latin name Euphorbia pulcherrima, blooms in winter. The plant, which creates a visual feast in all kinds of places with its colorful red, pink, and cream leaves, can live for a long time when taken good care.

First of all, the topics of our article we prepared for you are:

  1. What is Poinsettia? Features and Story
  2. How to Care for the Poinsettia?
  3. Poinsettia Pruning Process
  4. Poinsettia Flower Pot Change
  5. Poinsettia Watering Techniques

What is Poinsettia? Features and Story

The poinsettia’s story consists of fascinating details. It comes from Mexico and Central America and belongs to the family of the Euphorbiaceae. Also, it is known as a Christmas flower all over the world. The plant, which was taken to America in the 19th century by the US herbalist Joel Roberts Poinsett, went into the literature under the name poinsettia.

It is a visually impressive plant with an average length of 60 cm and can grow up to 5 meters, with dark green long leaves, red, pink or cream-colored calyx leaves and small yellow flowers.


How to Care for the Poinsettia?

Those who want to grow poinsettia at home must have detailed information about poinsettia features.

  • Positioning: First of all, we should point out that the plant should be grown in a bright and semi-shade area in summer.
  • Temperature: Neither too hot nor too cold weather is good for the poinsettia. While the temperature of 10 to 19 degrees can be ideal for a suitable growth medium, not being exposed to direct sunlight is another important recommendation.
  • Reinforcement: Making vitamin and mineral supplements once a year is very important for the durability and healthy growth of the flower.

Poinsettia Pruning Process

The best pruning time for a poinsettia, which started to shed its leaves as of spring, is again this process. Pruning, which is performed by cleaning weak or lifeless leaves over the fork stem as of May, is vital for the durability of the plant.

If you cut weak branches on the stem of the poinsettia during pruning, you will make the flowers and leaves of the plant grow much lusher during the opening period. Another essential advice is cutting the old and weak branches at a distance of 10-15 cm from the soil in pruning.


Poinsettia Flower Pot Change

Poinsettia likes soft and fertile soil. This type of soil, known as ornamental plant soil, can be easily found from florists. The flowerpot of the poinsettia should be a perforated and trayed pot, which helps the plant to breathe and throw out excess water.

The best period for replacing the pot is April – May, and it is crucial to change the flower pot once a year. Thinking that the plant grows and going to grow bigger, you prefer the new pot one size bigger, and you will make the roots of the plant relax.

The poinsettia, whose pot has been changed, should be watered regularly, and fertilization should be done once a week between June and October. When the plant, which is regularly watered and fertilized until September, enters the flowering period (December – January), less watering begins.

Excessive watering the blooming poinsettia can cause the leaves to fall off. Therefore, poinsettia should be kept in a semi-bright area with a little watering again until the next pruning, that is, April – May.


Poinsettia Watering Techniques

Watering is perhaps the most critical issue in poinsettia care. The plant should not be watered, especially in the winter months, in order not to spill its leaves, rot, and fungus.

You can water the poinsettia with warm water, which is not very cold once a week in winter. The spring and summer period is a period when the flowers need more water due to the warming of the air. It would be beneficial to water the poinsettia twice a week with more water during this period.

After a while, you should purify the watered plant from the water, which accumulates in the flowerpot. The water that gathers here can cause the plant to rot. Watered poinsettia, with the same amount of water at the same time every day, grows much healthier thanks to this routine.

Some days in the summer may be much warmer. It is vital to control the soil of the poinsettia at such times. If the land you will sink your finger has a dense dryness under the surface, it may be necessary to refresh the plant by making non-routine watering. In this case, watering several times a week ensures the plant to pass the summer without any problems.


In conclusion, in this article, we mentioned how to care for the poinsettia, how to prune it, how to change the pot, and how often you should water it.

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