How Does Your Home Colors Affect Your Mood?

Home decor colors

Did you know what the colors in your home mean psychologically and that these colors affect you? The effect of the colors you use in the decoration of your home is too much to underestimate. That’s why you should pay attention to the color selection in decoration.

Bedroom, kitchen, study room, or living room … The colors in every corner of your home, which you decorate with love and choose carefully, affect your mood.

Here are the colors you use in your home and the effects on you.


White color is the color of purity, new beginnings, and peace. White is bright and energizing, reflecting the light and bringing freshness to the environment. Also, it signifies nobility, grace, and calmness. Besides, it is used when desired to create pure and happy environments.

Home decor colors

Light Blue

Light blue evokes calmness.The blue color is a color that gives a sense of order. You can feel more peaceful and calm by painting a certain part of your home or room blue or painting it all in this color. Since the blue color is considered the color of water, it can also cause you to feel clean and order.

Home decor colors


Green color creates a relaxing connection with nature. Since this is the color of spring and nature, it represents innovation, growth, and maturation. Also, this color selection gives you a sense of harmony and peace. It is generally preferred in bedrooms and living rooms due to its soothing and calming effect.

Home decor colors


The purple color makes you feel rich and comfortable. It is a gorgeous color. It helps you increase your concentration. Besides, it is the color of wisdom and dignity. It is generally preferred in bedrooms and hobby rooms for its relaxing effect.

Home decor colors


Gray color makes you feel safe. This color makes you feel strong and determined. Moreover, when used in very dark colors, it is important to be careful about using it, as it evokes negative things such as depression, boredom, and too seriousness. Considering its safe and calming effect, it is ideal for places such as sofa, bed, and bedroom.

Home decor colors


The pink color makes you feel loving. The soft tones of pink make you feel renewed and revitalized. It is the color of purity, kindness, and fantasy. Light and pastel shades of pink can be used throughout all parts of the room.

Home decor colors


The yellow color makes you feel cheerful. Yellow color has a cheering and pleasing effect. It is among the inspiring colors as it increases mental memory. Therefore, the use of this color in study rooms has a positive effect. It can also be preferred in living rooms as it has a speech-promoting effect.

Home decor colors

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