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bedroom feng shui decor

Bedroom Colors According to the Feng Shui

Creating positive energy in the home by using the dimensions of the colors, the direction of the light, and the items...
bedroom decoration

How to Decorate Your Bedroom for Quality Sleep

Small changes in your bedroom will improve your sleep quality. We list for you how to be your bedroom decoration for quality sleep and healthy life.
Scandinavian bedroom style

How to Decorate Your Bedroom in Scandinavian Style?

Scandinavian style home decoration is one of the many decoration styles created by the combination of objects and items with a simple and striking design.
Popular bedroom colors

What Are the Most Popular Colors for Bedrooms?

You can have a beautiful bedroom that gives vitality and relaxes your psychology. Here are the most preferred bedroom colors and shades.
bedroom wall color ideas

Common Mistakes When Choosing Bedroom Wall Color

Bedroom wall colors have different options, which cause the color choices to be made wrong frequently. In this article, we describe commonly made mistakes in bedroom wall color choices.
Ideas for Country Bedroom Decoration

Ideas for Country Bedroom Decoration

How should the country bedroom decoration be? What are the points to be considered? In this article, we explained the most ideal country bedroom decorating ideas for you.
Bedroom ideas

Inspirational Ideas for Bedroom Decoration

How should the bedroom decoration be? How should be the inspiring bedroom decoration? In this article, we talked about the idea that your bedroom will inspire you.
Calming Bedroom Colors

What Are The Most Calm Bedroom Colors?

What are the calming bedroom colors? Which colors should you prefer for the bedroom? In this article, we describe the relaxing colors you prefer for your bedroom.
Plants You Should Have in Your Bedroom

Plants You Should Have in Your Bedroom

Should there be a plant in the bedroom? What effect do the bedroom plants have on you? In this article, we explained which plants you should include in your bedroom.
Small bedroom ideas

6 Decoration Ideas for Your Small Bedroom

What are the small bedroom ideas? In this article, we will make decoration suggestions that will make your small bedroom look broader and more stylish and help you sleep efficiently.
Wall Colours For Bedrooms

Wall Colors For Bedrooms

What are the points you should be careful about when choosing the wall color of your bedroom, and we have included in this article that the shades of hue will be right for you.
Bedroom Lighting ─░deas

How To Be Bedroom Lighting?

How should my bedroom lighting be? What kinds of light should I use? Those who ask here. We told you about the lamp and lighting decoration that you can use for your bedroom.

Home Decoration

Being decorative is in your hands. It is obvious that when winter comes, we will spend more time at our house. This...

How Does Your Home Colors Affect Your Mood?

Did you know what the colors in your home mean psychologically and that these colors affect you? The effect of the colors...

How to Care for a Fern Plant

Fern is an indoor plant that grows easily and is not selective. It adapts to every corner of your home with...
indoor halloween decorations

Five Cute Halloween Decoration Ideas

If you are one of those who celebrate Halloween, which dates back to ancient times, this article is for you! If...
Red home decor

How to Apply Red in Home Decoration?

How to apply the red color in home decoration? How should its density be? The answers to all your questions are in this article.
Mirror Decoration

How To Use a Mirror in Your Home Decor?

The mirror is the symbol of both width, spaciousness, and elegance. It instantly changes the air of the used place. Wherever you put it at home, it adds aesthetics and energizes.

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