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monstera deliciosa care
Monstera deliciosa is one of the most preferred indoor plants in homes and offices. So what kind of plant is monstera? How to care? Growing for the beauty of their leaves, for decoration, the monstera is a tropical rainforest plant. The leaves become gigantic as far as the sun can...
bedroom feng shui decor
Creating positive energy in the home by using the dimensions of the colors, the direction of the light, and the items are called Feng Shui. This article explains the colors you can apply in your bedroom, according to Feng Shui. According to the feng shui philosophy, many factors contribute to...
indoor halloween decorations
If you are one of those who celebrate Halloween, which dates back to ancient times, this article is for you! If you plan to throw a Halloween party at your home, check out our five Halloween decoration ideas. Organize Your Home If you have a long list of guests; Free the...
Red home decor
How to apply the red color in home decoration? How should its density be? The answers to all your questions are in this article.
Did you know what the colors in your home mean psychologically and that these colors affect you? The effect of the colors you use in the decoration of your home is too much to underestimate. That's why you should pay attention to the color selection in decoration. Bedroom, kitchen, study...
Decoration Ideas for Small Homes
Do you want your small home to be both beautiful and tidy? Then take a look at 15 small home decoration ideas below. 1.When purchasing items for a small apartment, you can purchase smaller furniture than standard sizes, scaling them according to space. Large items can create a cramped and crowded...
Aglaonema is a long-lasting and durable plant. Its green and long leaves add a different atmosphere to our living spaces. So, how to care for it. Aglaonema plant is an evergreen plant that is grown as an indoor ornamental plant. The homeland of the plant is China, Malaysia, and the...
Fern is an indoor plant that grows easily and is not selective. It adapts to every corner of your home with its green color. This article explains how the care of the fern is. Fern is one of the green indoor plants that decorate our living spaces, such as homes,...
Bonsai plants
Although bonsai are small in size, they aren't genetically different from a normal tree. They are miniature trees that are accustomed to living in pots with some techniques. Bonsai, an art of plant development that started in China and then spread to Japan and then to the whole world, adds...
Being decorative is in your hands. It is obvious that when winter comes, we will spend more time at our house. This winter can be a great time to organize and decorate our home. Here are the beautiful home decoration ideas we have prepared for you. Home Decoration Like a...
fireplace decorating ideas photos
There are many options for fireplaces that reflect your taste while decorating your home. Here are fireplace decoration ideas that are stylish and comfortable. If you want to decorate your existing fireplace or make a new fireplace, this topic is for you. If you want to create a warm environment...
Feng shui lucky plants 17
Indoor plants always add a fresh touch to rooms and, according to the feng shui philosophy, the benefits are far more than aesthetic. Plants always add a fresh touch to rooms and, according to the feng shui philosophy, the benefits are far more than aesthetic. If you want to add...
Balcony Decoration Ideas
How should the balcony decoration be? The most beautiful balcony decorating ideas, the importance of balcony trimming. Here are the tips you need for the staring balcony decoration ideas
10 Suggestions to Make Your Bathroom Beautiful
Bathroom ideas and suggestions that will add a different atmosphere to your bathroom. With small details, you can give your bathroom a more modern and eye-catching look
White Kitchen Models
Make your kitchen a more stylish look with the white colour that makes the kitchens more prominent and creates a spacious space perception. These are some examples of white kitchen models.
Small Office Design
If you have a small home office, you can increase your motivation and desire to work with the right decoration preferences. Here are ideas and examples.
succulent plant
Succulent, a hot climate plant, completes its development in spring and summer. It is one of the most healthy indoor plants in homes that do not require much watering with the amount of water it contains.
Office Paint Colors
Using some colors intensively in the office can cause anger or depression, which prevents your creativity. In this article, we wrote about the color choices that will increase your creativity.

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